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    1. 文章詳情


      日期:2023-04-11 17:05




      The Model CT485B completely self-contained temperature/ relative humidity recorder is microprocessor based to accurately measure, indicate and record temperature and relative humidity.OMEGA圖表記錄器CT485記錄筆參數說情

      This rugged unit comes standard with alarms. They contain a single, integral relay contact which closes in response to an alarm condition. Simultaneous high and low alarm points for temperature and relative humidity are user selectable. When the current conditions exceed any of the preset values, the 2 Amp relay contact closes and an audible alarm sounds. A power adaptor (115VAC or 230 VAC +/- 10% , 50/60 Hz) is supplied for continuous long-term operation, along with four D-cell batteries for backup power or field use.OMEGA圖表記錄器CT485記錄筆參數說情

      粵公網安備 44011302001195號

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